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Print Your Way to a Greener London with Hatch

It is no secret that the paper and printing industry gets a bad reputation; from large, corporate banks urging their customers to ‘go green’ with paperless billing, to high street stores across the UK offering digital receipts straight to their customers inbox, meaning they too can do their bit to help ‘save the environment’ – conveniently forgetting the unethical production practices used to make the fast fashion items being sold or the oversized paper bag that is handed over the counter to carry them home in. There are many myths about the printing industry that heavily effect consumer habits and unfortunately, that is all they are, myths!

Hatch is here, not only to speak the truth about the paper and printing industry, but to go above and beyond the methods used by traditional printers – bringing the printing industry into the 21st century with eco-friendly processes and vegan products that are here to change the way we all think about and relate to print.

At Hatch, we’re committed to ethical practices and we’re dedicated to doing our part. We offer recycled stocks as paper options for your advertising materials and corporate communications – ensuring sustainable printing. Our eco-friendly ethos doesn’t end outside of the factory however; we use CO2 neutral presses and our courier service, dpd, are carbon neutral – significantly lowering our overall carbon footprint, which is no mean feat for a London-based business!

Another factor which helps to make our state-of-the-art factory more environmentally-friendly is the LED lighting which automatically dims and turns off completely when Hatch employees have left each day. We are also big on recycling – this includes all our scrap paper, card, plastic, metal, and chemical waste.

If you are also located in central London – we have one more trick up our sleeve to help make your entire experience with Hatch as ethical as possible. We’ve teamed up with Gophr to offer a greener, delivery method with the awesome Gophr couriers bringing you your print products by bicycle in as quick as 30 minutes from ordering. What’s not to love?

Get started by ordering your free sample pack today – you will also receive a pack of Sitka Spruce seeds so you can plant your very own tree, or browse our products to start creating beautiful print with Hatch.

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