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What are compliment slips used for?

Compliment slips are very popular and have claimed their place as a standard part of any corporate stationery, alongside business cards and letterheads. But is your business using them to their full potential or are they left in a stack, forgotten inside a dark cupboard?

It’s not unusual for companies to underestimate the impact of a handwritten note over a professionally printed compliment slip can have. If you are one of them, don’t panic… Hatch to the rescue! In this post, we will explain how you can utilise compliment slips as a powerful marketing tool.

Use compliment slips to help clients feel valued with short handwritten notes

Being professional is key to business survival, however corporate interactions do not need to be cold. We are all human, and in the digital world we live in most of our communication is done through a screen. Sometimes it feels good to know that you are dealing with a real-life person.

Compliment slips give the opportunity for a genuine connection between you and a client, as they allow you the space to add a handwritten note. Why not say ‘hello’ ‘thank you’ or ‘speak to you soon’? Taking the time to write individual messages help clients feel appreciated and can lead to stronger loyalty down the line.

Use compliment slips to reinforce your brand

As part of your stationery, compliment slips should follow your brand identity. When writing a note to a client, don’t risk using a blank piece of paper that can be easily forgotten or lost. A compliment slip should reinforce your brand and ensure your contact details are visible in hand, should a client wish to contact you.

Use compliment slips to add a personal layer to corporate documents

Sending clients business documents such as catalogues, contracts, invoices and reports could make a relationship feel too serious and distant. Why not ‘break the ice’ with a compliment slip?

Even a simple message such as ‘let me know when it’s good to discuss this’ ‘if you have any questions, just give me a call’ ‘we can go over all this when it’s convenient for you’ can add a personal touch for the client, whilst keeping every interaction professional.

Use compliment slips to offer an exclusive discount or offer

Compliment slips are all about personalisation. Why not turn it up a notch and offer exclusive discounts or campaigns to a selected number of customers? Handwritten messages can make customers feel like they are part of something special. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to feel special?

Compliment slips from Hatch

Now that you can appreciate how important and beneficial compliments slips can be, you probably have your own ideas on how to use them as part of your communication plan. Why not get a shiny new collection printed and put it to practice already?

Hatch offer high-quality printing of your compliment slip design. We only use 120gsm uncoated paper to ensure you can write your own message with any pen, so your compliment slips always look the part. Whether full colour, black and white, single or double sided, simply upload the file to our website put your feet up, and leave the rest to us.

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