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Let’s get down to business… cards

Whether they come into play at the beginning of a meeting as a way to introduce yourself, or at the end, as a way to share contact details, the power of your business cards can’t be overlooked. Neither can the relation between style, design and quality and your brand… each aspect of your card may affect the perception prospects will have about your business.

We have therefore decided to describe the good and the good (after all, there is no bad, really) of our six types of business cards, so you can pick the right one to make the best first impression.


With our Premium line of business cards, your design is printed on a strong 400gsm stock. This paper is white, but not standard… We know first impressions go a long way, so it’s paramount to make sure your business cards make an impact at first touch. From £23, these cards come with a subtle and environmentally friendly coating that allow both sides of the card to enjoy a special velvety texture. Oh, and they’re finger print resistant too!


All aboard the Kraft raft! Kicking off at just £23 for 25, our Kraft range offers a durable, super high-quality feel with a classic, natural and handmade vibe. Your full-colour design is printed on a 400gsm stock, which means it’s strong but still flexible. Looking for affordable, heavy duty beauty business cards? Go Kraft or go home.


100% recycled, 100% ethical. Did you know that half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world; that's over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet! So, after our friends at GF Smith though “Hey, let’s make paper out of them”, we thought “Hey, let’s transform them into business cards” and that’s exactly what we did. This paper weighs 380gsm, so it’s very resistant – and due to their recycling nature, they are off-white. You can order beautiful recycled business cards from just £23.


Make a statement with our boldest range on offer. From £24, we can print with full colour or white ink over this firm and robust paper. Another handy addition from GF Smith really provides a product that will make your company or service pop, before the potential client has even had a chance to read it! Weighing 540gsm, you can choose from 8 fun shades and make your business cards stand out.


Is there any need to explain the key benefit to this run of cards? Well, we’re going to anyway! This paper is made from mighty 810gsm stock which offers bullet proof*, non-fold and resistant business cards. Top that up with a colourful seam, and your business cards are ready to impress. How do we do it? We print your design on two white sheets of paper and then smash them together with your chosen paper colour (seven options to pick from) in the middle. Our priciest offering may weigh in at £42 for 25, but trust us, that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

*Not necessarily true


More often than not, less is more - and our sophisticated Luxe line delivers just that in abundance. Made from solid 540gsm stock, this paper colour is white frost, giving your design a simple and clean look – it keeps the bells and whistles to a minimum, whilst still offering maximum superiority and finesse. You can’t get this much from only £24 anywhere else really....

There you go… the six variants of greatness (if we do say so ourselves).

Oh, but not all is about the paper… at Hatch, we strive to give the absolute best to our customers without sacrificing the planet we live on. It’s not just about printing the best quality products; there’s more to life, like life itself – the future will either be green or not at all, right? It’s this belief that has driven Hatch to become the UK’s first and only Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved printing service. Awesome, right? Check out our business cards templates and get a new batch for yourself today.

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