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Introducing the UK’s first fully recyclable roller banner

If you know Hatch, you know we are all about being green. In Gary Toomey’s, Managing Director and Founder, words: “Running a business in an environmentally-friendly way is becoming less of a choice. Nowadays, I believe it’s a necessity.

That’s why we make conscious business decisions and are always on the lookout for new materials, products and processes that allow us to do our part in protecting the planet. This may explain why we are so ecstatic (and very proud) to unveil the latest addition to our product range…

Meet the 100% recyclable roller banner

This cool roller banner is the newest member to our roller banner family.

Its full size is 800x2000mm and can be printed full colour, so you get plenty of space to promote your brand or message and can rest assured your design will look vibrant and impactful with our printing. Besides being environmentally-friendly and innovative, this roller banner is also cost-effective, as it can be used multiple times, if dealt with carefully.

With a cardboard constructed base, a paper based display and printed with Vegan accredited processes, this banner is a real first for the UK. Its fully compostable materials is what makes it 100% recyclable.

Another unique feature about this banner is the lining of seeds inside its base. This means you can literally bury it and the seedlings will starting to hatch within around three months as the cardboard banner begin to compost, and within 12 months you could have a lovely bed of flowers. The process could be quicker if the banner is broken into pieces before placed in the ground.

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Cardboard constructed base. When we say 100% plastic free, we mean it ;)
Total size 800x2000mm. Kind to nature, impactful for your brand
100% recycled. 100% recyclable. 100% awesome!

We see businesses within the printing industry that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint by opting for greener operational processes and that’s great! However, we believe that not enough printers are taking their green initiatives out of the door and offering customers the choice to help protect the environment through their purchases.

With this in mind, and in addition to current green initiatives, we are excited to be the first ones to bring the fully recyclable roller banner to the market.

Oh, and this isn’t the first time Hatch is a pioneer in the printing industry. In March, we became the UK’s first printer to hold the Vegetarian Society Approved vegan accreditation, after checking each aspect of our supply chain (and sometimes, replacing some) to ensure all products we use are animal-free.

We have plenty of initiatives that prove we don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk. Check them out:

  • - Recycled paper: we are always adding new paper options to our range and strive to include recycled stocks, giving our customers the opportunity to make their materials look awesome while doing their part for the planet. Have you seen our GF Smith Extract paper? It’s made from used coffee cups!
  • - CO2 neutral press: this type of machinery neutralises the amount of CO2 produced during the printing process.
  • - LED lighting: an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting. Besides consuming less energy, they are connected to intelligent movement sensors, meaning they are only on when it’s necessary.
  • - Recycling: we separate all our waste to ensure recyclable materials reach the right place to get transformed and reborn.
  • - CO2 free delivery: our partnership with Gophr means deliveries in London can be 100% CO2 free. That’s because their couriers use 100% pedal-power to deliver our orders. Wait, it gets better… it’s delivered same day. Boom.

Check out more about this cool roller banner or read more about our green initiatives.

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