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Minerva Sample pack image on our 350gsm Recycled Silk + Soft Touch Lamination
Image of Rae's design on our 380mic Pulp Sample
Image of our 540gsm GF Smith White Frost Luxe Business card showcasing Elizabeths awesome design

Have you seen our new sample pack?

And the celebration of some awesome illustrators we just can't get enough of

If so you may have seen three amazing illustrators featured inside. So..Why did we choose these illustrators you ask, well lets tell you why.

Firstly, Lets talk about Minerva - Oh lala!

Minerva is an inspirational illustrator/ animator who explores femininity, love and living mindfully. Minerva really caught our eye the moment she made her first purchase with us with her striking designs.

We were very excited to find out where Minerva gets her inspiration from…

“Mostly women, friends, inspiring people. I love to go to exhibitions, cinema, theatre, photography... Basically any form of art and people can be very inspiring and bring ideas to my illustrations.”

We also asked Minerva how she found it being a woman in the print industry, we found it fantastic that she never found it to affect her work. Minerva did mention how she has been lucky enough to work with good people with open minds.

“Living in London I've been very lucky working with good people with an open mind and willing to make this world a little bit better place.”

We wondered what was up next for this talented lady -

“At the moment I'm working in some stickers for Instagram, it's something that I have been thinking about for a while. Hopefully they will be done soonish... I'm working full time as an Art director at @freeda_en so it's been challenging to work full time and keep some time for my personal work, but I feel very lucky to be surrounded by amazing people who support me ... Like Hatch!”

We are certainly excited to see this roll out.

To find our more about Minerva’s work, head to the link below: http://minervaillustrator.com/blog

Say Hello to Rae - Featured on our 380mic Recycled Pulp

Rae is a very talented illustrator, going against the grain as she doesn’t only offer amazing designs but she also cares about the environment around her by offering her customers seeded greeting cards. This means this product can be planted, creating zero waste! Find Out More

“I have a TON of birthday cards I’ve held onto over the years, I thought that by planting them you could create a special spot in your garden full of plants you had been sent by those you love! It’s great for the bees too!”

We were super interested to find out where Rae gets her inspiration from for her amazing designs.

“The world around me, mostly the many urban parks in my area! Which give me constant inspiration.”

We are certainly not the only ones who have spotted Rae, she has also been featured in County Living, meet the maker recently.

Rae is a fun and edgy illustrator and we cannot wait to see her future designs, to find out more see her website below:

https://www.raegoddard.com Rae’s work can also be found on “Just a card”, a great company featuring independent designers/ makers.

Last but not least here is Elizabeth Lai - Featured on our luxe business card.

Elizabeth is super talented in many fields, her variety is extremely impressive. We first discovered Elizabeth when she placed her order for premium business cards to advertise her company, these can be located on our social media.

We wondered where Elizabeth got her inspiration from for her illustrations, she travels quite a bit and you can truly see this in her beautiful designs.

“The inspiration behind my illustrations normally have some personal anecdote to them, whether it's my life growing up in California, traveling, or my experience being an Asian-American.”

We asked Elizabeth what her biggest challenge currently is -

“My biggest challenge is to believe in myself as a visual communicator, and trust that clients seek me out for a reason and that I should trust my skills. Imposter syndrome is a real thing :( I am going to trust life's flow, but I am definitely hoping that my business education combined with my creative eye will take me farther one day!”

Finally we wanted to know what to expect in 2020 from this lovely lady -

“My aim for 2020 is to teach myself how to infuse my illustrations and designs with animation as that is the next step in the industry. I would also love to seek out more freelance work doing illustration because that is what I love to do most, but you know, I follow the flow of what the industry is looking for! Anything creative job out there is the job for me.”

We definitely recommend checking out the link below for more information on Elizabeth Mai: https://www.elizabeth-lai.com/kuusi-branding

Find Our More Sample Pack or read more about our green initiatives.

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