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Fair feather friend!

The notion that brilliant marketing costs an arm and a leg is a total myth! Feather flags are super cost-effective way of really standing out from the crowd.

Suitable for events, trade shows, exhibitions, parties, and more, flags have a way of immediately capturing and drawing attention to your location.

Incredibly lightweight and portable, these versatile promotional tools can be used to deliver a short promo message in a practical manner.

Custom all weather outdoor flags come in a range of sizes so you'll be sure to find the perfect flag to fly your brands design

More info:

Printed single sided but viewable from both sides

Size: 4 sizes available

Base: Ground spike, Cross base

Time frame: 3 Day turnaround (Order Monday to receive them Thursday at the latest)

We deliver in plain packaging with no mention of Hatch (Perfect for all you resellers out there)

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Stuck for ideas? We’ve got some awesome roller banner templates, ready for you to customise using our free online tool.

Meet our roller banners' written in blue text with different font style for each word. Title to the section explaining the different types of paper available for Hatch products.

Taller than the average man but in no way average

With enough space to get your message across at the size about 6 Subway's Subs, our 6ft outdoor roller banners are the smallest in the range, but still large enough to get your message out to the world in a super effective manner!

The tallest man on the planet

Just about the same size as the tallest man in the world, we'll go out on a limb and say our 7.5ft banners are pretty...well, tall. With a sturdy mechanism to keep your artwork in place, these banners give actual meaning to 'strong and stable'.

As big as Godzilla?

Pretty much the same size as Godzilla, our 10ft are an attention grabbing beauty (much like the beast). Perfect for making that event or grand opening, grand with a capital 'G".

2 x Michael Jordans

Getting noticed couldn't possibly be any easier with a flag the size of two Michael Jordans. Our 13ft option forces passersby's to have your attention. Literally.

Create your awesome design using our free-to-download template - a product guide we've put together with everything you need, including product size, trim marks and bleed areas.

Word 'Top tips' written in blue text, with a different font style for each word. Title to a section about tips on how to upload artwork files to Hatch website.
  • Blue outlined circle, containing a blue-outlined rectangle with word 'C M Y K' in blue text. All files uploaded to Hatch should be set to CMYK colour set.
    Ensure the colour mode is set to CMYK. If your file is set to RGB or Pantone, our handy proofing tool will automatically convert it to CMYK; however, this could slightly alter your colours – so, for higher control over colour output, ensure your artwork is in CMYK.
  • Blue outlined circle, containing the top corner of a paper, with dotted line around it. All files uploaded to Hatch must contain bleed.
    Ensure the background colour runs past the cut lines, creating a bleed area which guarantees your final material won’t have any white edges. As part of our free online proofing service, we will check your artwork bleed is correct. If there is no bleed, our customer-friendly system will automatically add it for you and you will be able to check how it looks in the preview.
  • Blue outlined circle containing a blue-outlined rectangle, with letter T inside. All files uploaded to Hatch must containt embeded fonts.
    Ensure all fonts are embed into your document for accurate printing. Also, check your preview carefully to ensure all text is visible and accurate.
  • Blue-outlined circle showing a mock-up outlined page. All files uploaded to Hatch must be in the correct format.

    Remember, roller banners are printed single-sided only, so your PDF should have only one page of artwork.

What our customers say

3 roller banners side-by-side. The left one features the image of a breakfast table with white text overlaid. The middle roller banner features the image of a straight road, with a yellow line in the middle, heading towards mountains and white text overlaid. The roller banner on the right is mostly red, featuring the image of a woman with blonde-hair and large white text overlaid. Hatch offered high quality roller banners printing services.

Fly you custom banner flags with pride

The flag itself is super quick and easy to set up! Simply, assemble the flexi-pole by sliding it onto the banner making sure to clamp down the tie to hold it all firmly in place, and viola!

Flags can also be mounted on a base of your choice or ground spikes, which make them suitable for use on soft or hard ground!

Incredibly versatile, they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you'll set to wave 'em in the air like you just don't care, come rain or shine!

Reasons to buy' written in blue tex with a different font style for each word. Title to a section explaining reasons to order printed materials from Hatch.
  • Gophr - Same day delivery
    Need your business cards today? No worries. We’ve teamed up with Gophr to offer same day delivery throughout London. Order by 12pm and have your professionally printed business cards in your hands by 5pm.
  • Innovative ideas to make you stand out
    Looking for something that will make you stand out? Look no further. With our Creative line of business cards, we can print white ink on the coloured paper of your selection. And with our Ultra Thick line, your business cards can have a charming coloured seam, discreet yet impactful.
  • Delivery options to suit your busy agenda
    We understand how hectic the day can be and we want to help make it a bit easier to manage. That’s why we offer five different delivery options, so you can pick the most convenient one for you.
  • Best design tool on the web
    Make your own business cards online with our easy-to-use tool. Start from scratch, get going with our free business cards templates or upload your own artwork. With us, design can be done in a matter of clicks.
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