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  • What on earth is low res?

  • What is the difference between resolutions

    Resolution example
    72dpi (low res)

    This artwork is only 72 dots per inch, which we would class as low res, its fine for facebook but not when it comes to printing.

    Resolution example
    150dpi (medium res)

    This resolution is fine for use on poster and banners as though they won't be perfectly crisp they will be fine for displays designed to be seen from a distance.

    Resolution example
    300dpi (high res)

    All images supplied at this DPI and above will look crisp, sharp from any distance.

    If my images are low res...
    Can I make them high res?

    In short, no. We often see in spy moving images being blown up so they can see more detail in a CCTV image, unfortunely we don't have access to this software. So, if your image is dragged straight off of facebook, it will be 72dpi, even if you re-save it at 300dpi - the original image is still 72dpi. Basically you need to look for a new image thats high res, luckily the internet is full of royal free image websites, a simple google search with the term 'free stock images' will give you countless websites, with countless image options.

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