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Seeded Flyers and Leaflets

Flyers are one of the most cost-effective and popular ways to promote your brand. So here at Hatch, we have decided to offer you more and embed seeds in our eco-friendly paper. 

Stand out from the competition and join our plantable range. 

More info:

Thickness: 280gsm, this about as thick as a postcoard.

Seeds: Wild Flower - Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Knapweed, Black Medick, Meadow Buttercup, Musk Mallow, Ox-Eye-Daisy, Ribworth Plantain, Red Campion, Slad Burnet, Self Heal, White Campion, Yarrow.

Herb - Dill, Thyme, Basil, Rocket 

* There is no set amount of seeds per sheet

To find out more about our seeded paper click here.

Sizes: A4 flyer, A5 flyer, A6 flyer and DL flyers and invites

Just remember, just like mother nature herself, our seeded stock isn't perfectly uniformed so your end result won't be 100% regimented in terms of colour and size, this makes each item unique. If you want something that can stand up against an army inspection its best to stick with our other stock options that have smoother finish. Lastly, just like a packet of seeds we cannot guarantee germination of every seed.

To be featured on our Instagram, simply tag your post #shareplantgrow

We deliver in plain packaging with no mention of Hatch (Perfect for all you resellers out there)

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Stuck for ideas? We’ve got some awesome templates,ready for you to customise using our free online tool.

Word 'Top tips' written in blue text, with a different font style for each word. Title to a section about tips on how to upload artwork files to Hatch website.
  • Blue outlined circle, containing a blue-outlined rectangle with word 'C M Y K' in blue text. All files uploaded to Hatch should be set to CMYK colour set.
    Ensure the colour mode is set to CMYK. If your file is set to RGB or Pantone, our handy proofing tool will automatically convert it to CMYK; however, this could slightly alter your colours; for higher control over colour output, ensure your artwork is in CMYK.
  • Blue outlined circle, containing the top corner of a paper, with dotted line around it. All files uploaded to Hatch must contain bleed.
    Ensure the background colour runs past the cut lines, creating a bleed area which guarantees your final material won’t have any white edges. As part of our free online proofing service, we will check your artwork bleed is correct. If there is no bleed, our customer-friendly system will automatically add it for you and you will be able to check how it looks in the preview.
  • Blue outlined circle containing a blue-outlined rectangle, with letter T inside. All files uploaded to Hatch must containt embeded fonts.
    Ensure all fonts are embedded into your document for accurate printing. Be sure to check your preview carefully to ensure all the text is visible and accurate.
  • Blue-outlined circle showing a mock-up outlined page. All files uploaded to Hatch must be in the correct format.

    If your flyers are double-sided, ensure your PDF has two separate pages within the file, one will be the design for the front of the flyer and the other will be the design for the back of the flyer.

Flyer featuring the image of a straight road, with dashed yellow line in the middle, heading towards mountains. 'Seed and oak, on the road' written at the top left in black text. Additional text, in black, mentions information about photographic exhibibition. One of the flyer design templates offered by Hatch.

Get your word out with a cost-effective flyer

Promote your brand with a business flyer. Upload your file, create a design or customise our templates online, in just a few clicks. Sizes range from A4 flyers to DL flyers and many more in between. Make it unique with our innovative paper, thickness and finishing options.

Plus – get your flyers printed double sided at no added cost. Only with Hatch.

Meet our paper' written in blue text with different font style for each word. Title to the section explaining the different types of paper available for Hatch products.
A white, orange, blue and green example 150gsm silk flyer from Hatch.

Stop! Hammer 'Thyme'

This card is made from a recycled pulp which whilst drying has living seeds added to it – We add Thyme, Dill, Rocket and Basil seeds so once you have finished with the product, you can burry it, water it and grow a mini herb garden. How thicks the card? It's as thick as a postcard, its a nice bright white card but the seeds show through so bare in mind this can effect your artwork and colours of backgrounds.

A red flyer with a red cocktail glass, printed on 350gsm silk from Hatch.

Green Fingers

Fancy growing a meadow of wildow grasses and flowers? Ding Dong! We have made a paper that does just that. This card is packed with wildow flowers and grasses, such as Paper Daisy, Pheasant Eye, Pot Marigold (Orange), Pot Marigold (Red), Dwarf Morning Glory, California Poppy, Fineflower, Baby’s Breath. This stock is 350gsm, it’s as thick, if not thicker, than standard postcard though its a slightly off white.

Reasons to buy' written in blue tex with a different font style for each word. Title to a section explaining reasons to order printed materials from Hatch.
  • It’s on us
    Get more printed in your flyer without increasing your printing budget. With Hatch, you can print your flyers double-sided at no extra cost. This means more space for you to get your message out there while keeping the expenses low.
  • Convenient delivery
    Need for today? No worries. Prefer delivery on Saturday? That’s cool as well. Hatch offers five delivery options, so you can pick the most convenient one for you - from same day delivery with our pro-delivery-buddy from Gophr to Saturday delivery and everything in between (well, almost…).
  • Practical approach
    Our free online proofing tool means we will make sure your artwork is all ok before printing, giving you peace of mind that your flyers will look great. Relax, if anything needs changing, we will contact you.
  • Outstanding quality
    High quality comes as standard with us. Combine our superior paper (choose between 150gsm, 350gsm and 380mic pulp) with our excellent printing services and the result is a professional flyer that will make your business stand out.
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