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  • Free templates guides

    Are you looking to create new marketing materials to promote your business? That’s awesome! We are here to make sure your printed design looks as good as you’re intending.

    To make life easier, we’ve put together a free-to-download template for each of our products, with product size, trim marks and bleed areas. This way, you can let your creativity fly, knowing your artwork ticks all the boxes to ensure your print does your design justice.

    • Business Cards
    • Folded Leaflets
    • Greetings Cards
    • Leaflet & Flyers
    • Folders
    • Flags
    • Roller banners are a practical way to promote your brand. Easy-to-transport and set up, they can be displayed anywhere, from shop floors and event booths to reception areas and even table tops. With our range of five sizes, you are sure to find the perfect one for your budget and the space you have available. Download a free template and design a roller banner that is as impactful as it is functional.
    • Business cards are more than a piece of paper with your contact information; they represent your brand. Quality design and print are essential to make a positive impression. Don’t settle for decent business card, strive for greatness – download one of our templates, create your artwork and be ready to impress.
      Note: our business cards are trimmed to 85x55mm.
    • Folded leaflets give you the opportunity to showcase quite a bit of information about your business, products or services in an easy-to-read format. Choose between a single or bi fold leaflet, download a free template below and use each section to organise your message. It’s time to shine!
    • Emails, text, and other digital interactions can, sometimes, feel impersonal. Greeting cards are the ideal option to upgrade any corporate connection to a personal level, while keeping it professional. A branded card received in the post can delight a customer and make a memorable impression of your business. And it gets better, you get a free envelope with every greeting card ordered from Hatch. Don’t wait any longer, download our free template and take advantage of these benefits today.
    • If you are looking for cost-effective materials to promote your business, look no further. Flyers are a great way to spread the word. They are versatile and can be used to advertise events, product launches, and promotional activities, to name just a few. Partner an eye-catching design with a killer printing finish, and you get yourself a strong tool to help get your brand out there. Download a free template and get your design started.
      A5 Landscape
    • Besides effectively organising your documents, branded presentation folders also showcase your brand in a professional way. Hatch offer two folder sizes (A4 and A5) and three spine widths, depending on how many pages you intend to insert in your folder. You can also choose if you’d like to have a slot to place your business card on the pocket or not. Download the template for your preferred folder type and start creating your smart-looking design in no time.
    • ---------------------
      Fair feather friend! The notion that brilliant marketing costs an arm and a leg is a total myth! Feather flags are super cost-effective way of really standing out from the crowd. Suitable for events, trade shows, exhibitions, parties, and more, flags have a way of immediately capturing and drawing attention to your location. Incredibly lightweight and portable, these versatile promotional tools can be used to deliver a short promo message in a practical manner. Custom all weather outdoor flags come in a range of sizes so you'll be sure to find the perfect flag to fly your brands design

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