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Seeded Greetings Cards

Need Greetings Cards? We've got this!

Our seeded greetings cards are about the best darn greetings card you could give, as they are not only made from recycled materials but contain embedded seeds.

This means once you have used it, just plant and watch it grow into a mini wild meadow flower garden or herb garden.

Upload upto 5 designs and we'll split your quanity evenly at no extra cost! 

Don't have artwork? No worries - Check out our free templates - simply scroll down a little more, or have a crack at designing one yourself with our free artwork tool.

More info:

Free standard envelopes included, 120gsm. (made from recycled materials) 

All cards are creased and folded.

Thickness: 280gsm, this about as thick as a postcoard.

Seeds: Wild Flower - Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Knapweed, Black Medick, Meadow Buttercup, Musk Mallow, Ox-Eye-Daisy, Ribworth Plantain, Red Campion, Slad Burnet, Self Heal, White Campion, Yarrow.

Herb - Dill, Thyme, Basil, Rocket 

* There is no set amount of seeds per sheet

To find out more about our seeded paper click here.

Sizes: Finish size A6, Finish size A5

Just remember, just like mother nature herself, our seeded stock isn't perfectly uniformed so your end result won't be 100% regimented in terms of colour and size, this makes each item unique. If you want something that can stand up against an army inspection its best to stick with our other stock options that have smoother finish. Lastly, just like a packet of seeds we cannot guarantee germination of every seed.

To be featured on our Instagram, simply tag your post #shareplantgrow

We deliver in plain packaging with no mention of Hatch (Perfect for all you resellers out there)

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Stuck for ideas? We’ve got some awesome templates, ready for you to customise using our free online tool.

Word 'Top tips' written in blue text, with a different font style for each word. Title to a section about tips on how to upload artwork files to Hatch website.
  • Colour
    Ensure the colour mode is set to CMYK. If your file is set to RGB or Pantone, our handy proofing tool will automatically convert it to CMYK; however, this could slightly alter your colours; for higher control over colour output, ensure your artwork is in CMYK.
  • Bleed
    Ensure the background colour runs past the cut lines, creating a bleed area which guarantees your final material won’t have any white edges. As part of our free online proofing service, we will check your artwork bleed is correct. If there is no bleed, our customer-friendly system will automatically add it for you and you will be able to check how it looks in the preview.
  • Font
    Ensure all fonts are embed into your document for accurate printing. Also, check your preview carefully to ensure all text is visible and accurate.
  • Format

    If you are ordering A5 greeting cards, we will print them on an A4 paper sheet and fold them in half. Therefore, we need the artwork within your PDF to be displayed as two, two-page spreads. One page spread will contain the artwork for the front and back of the greeting card, which will be printed on one side of the A4 paper (before folding) and the other page spread will contain the artwork for the inside of the greeting card, which will be printed on the other side of the A4 paper. If you are ordering A6 greeting cards, the same logic applies. We will print your design on an A5 paper sheet and then fold it in the middle. Please, do not upload a PDF with 4 separate pages.

Closed white envelope lying next to a yellow greeting card featuring various multi-coloured shapes. One of the greeting card design templates from Hatch.

Give your message a personal touch with a professionally printed greeting card

Whether you would like to connect with your prospects or with your family and friends, a greeting card can make an impression.

Offering our very own, hand made, biodgradable seeded paper with two different seed options (Herb paper or Meadow seed paper) really will stun the recipient. Want more reasons to pick seeded stock? Well in grows... litertly plant the greetings cards and let your mini garden grow!

A choice of finished sizes (A5 or A6), Hatch helps you promote your custom message with a personal touch. Want more? Besides providing the highest standard professional printing, we give you the envelope totally free of charge.

Meet our paper' written in blue text with different font style for each word. Title to the section explaining the different types of paper available for Hatch products.
Example of a greeting card lying on top of a closed, white envelope. The greeting card contains a green circle with 'supergreen eats' written in white overlaid on an image of a table full of food ingredients. One of the greeting card templates available from Hatch.

280gsm Seeded

Your greeting card design deserves the best quality paper. That’s why, with Hatch, you get creativity cranked up to 11. Our very own hand made stock that has living seededs inside it, just waiting to burst out. This is a thick and firm paper that, with a rough texture, will make your greeting card look super eco, super krafty, and is of course the only paper that grows.

Just remember, just like mother nature herself, our seeded stock isn't perfectly uniformed so your end result won't be 100% regimented, if you want something that can stand up against an army inpection its best to stick with our 350gsm Silk option found form the main menu

Reasons to buy' written in blue tex with a different font style for each word. Title to a section explaining reasons to order printed materials from Hatch.
  • It’s on us
    Get a free envelope with each greeting card printed by us. Surprise your contacts by sending a personalised greeting card with a message from you in the post. With Hatch, the envelope is free and the high quality printing is standard, it doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Best design tool on the web
    Make your greeting card one of a kind, with your own photos, images and message. Our easy-to-use tool offers drag-and-drop functionality, image and text formatting options and much more. This way, you can personalise each element and create an awesome greeting card design in no time.
  • Delivery option to suit your busy agenda
    Today, tomorrow or later… you choose when you’d like your greeting cards to be delivered. We offer 5 different delivery options, including same day, next day and Saturday delivery.
  • Ethical practice, doing our part
    All our paper is FSC accredited – this means it comes from forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards. This is our way to help protect the planet for the next generation.
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